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Helena Sweet - DP Fanatics 7

Helena is a real double penetration fanatic. Whenever she's in a situation where she's with two guys, she can't help being slutty and getting then to fuck her at the same time.

File size: 316.6 MB


Helena Sweet - Anal Empire 5

Helena takes on two cocks. Her big tits bounce as she gets fucked in the ass. She screams like crazy! Two loads fill her mouth up. She swallows them down.

File size: 213.8 MB


Helena Sweet - Oxigen O2

A super amazing blonde takes the stage to get her ass fucked. She smiles as the cocks penetrate her tight ass and the balls bang her pierced clit. Helena swallows two loads.

File size: 239.4 MB


Helena Sweet - DP Inside 4

It is time to see the best Helena Sweet scene. She is playing with her slippery pink pussy before taking two long big cum guns deep inside of her tunnel of love during the hardcore sex.

File size: 266.1 MB


Helena Price Hitchin' Hillbilly

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Helena Sweet - Angel Perverse 9

Helena is a statuesque blond bombshell with long legs, stunning Slavic good looks, blue eyes, a bright smile, and a naughty disposition. David and Mike jerk off while the blond crosses her long legs provocatively on a blond couch.

File size: 284.8 MB


Best of Helena

Year: 2004
Country: Germany
Studio: Multi Media Verlag
Genre: Anal, Oral
Duration: 1 h 36 m
Translation: Unavailable
Cast: Elena Nikulina, Kelly Trump, Lenka, Rocco Siffredi

Description: Als hubsches Kind armer Eltern erblickt Helena in Russland das Licht der Welt. Schon als Jugendliche sprossen ihre Bruste wie verruckt und es juckte standig die Dose. So beschloss unsere intelligente Heldin aus ihrem attraktiven Ausseren Kapital zu schlagen ...

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Audio: MP3
Video: 25.0 fps, resolution 448 * 352 (4:3), divx = OpenDivx v4
Audio: 48000 Hz, 2 channels, 0x55 = MPEG Layer-3

File size: 692.8 MB


Dallas Made in Germany

Release Year: 1985
Studio: WM Video
Cast: Diane Suresne, Kelly Deep, Macha, Marianne Aubert, Gerard Gregory, Eric Dray, Andre Kay
Genres: Classic, Retro
Video language: German

The film opens on some sort of gathering - JK, his daughter Lucia, Robert and his wife Paula are waiting for Helena to come downstairs but she obviously prefers coming upstairs, alone on her bed and by her own hand. Lucia, JK and Helena's daughter suggest a picnic but JK finds the weather too cold ('Tu as vu le temps?'). Then JK announces his decision to ruin Andreas. JK's daughter, Lucia has tender feelings for her Uncle Robi, she takes him to her room and tells him, but she also states she will remain a virgin until her wedding. But there are other ways for a niece to show her feelings for her uncle and Lucia sucks him in her room.

File size: 841.9 MB


Hillbilly Honeys

Studio: Wicked Pictures
Cast: Peter North, Alex Sanders, Alexandra Silk, Serenity, Steve Hatcher, Stacy Valentine, Tatiana, Tracy Love, Mitchell Gant, Little Cinderella
Genres: Feature, Plot Based, Couples, Comedy
Video language: English

Lieutenant Ledbetter has been sent to his hillbilly home- town to convince locals to lease their land to the military. The problem is that the property is owned by rival clans & Ledbetter just can't get them to agree on anything. Southern hospitality, great outdoor sex, cool locations and a perfect cast who handle the slap-stick comedy! Directed by Jace Rocker.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 1:24:25
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264), 1343kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 911.9 MB


Daisy May (1979)

Release Year: 1979
Studio: Essex Video
Cast: Sue Nero, Holly Joy, Hillary Summers, Blair Harris, Holly Page, Aaron Stuart, Lisa K. Loring, Lee LeMay, Lysa Thatcher, Starr Wood, Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, David Morris

Wacky, wild, way-out hillbilly adventures are yours for the taking in DAISY MAY. Just who is Daisy May? She\'s a delicious and hot country gal who\'s dying to discover the hillbilly humping -- and so much more. Set in Pussypatch, U.S.A., DAISY MAY is a rollicking and sex soaked parody of the popular cartoon series. Whether it\'s a backdoor encounter at the top of a mountain, or a double penetration behind the barn, DAISY MAY delivers the kind of good ol\' fashioned sex that makes you proud to be an American.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:15:52
Video: 624x464, XviD, 1784kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 1.0 GB


The Wrong Woman (1990)

Release Year: 1990
Studio: Legend Video
Cast: Actresses Heather Lere (as Brianna Rai) Paula Price Sabrina Dawn Sandy Sonnors (as Sandy Sonners) [LezOnly] Actors Eric Price Randy Spears Tom Byron
Genres: Feature, Classic
Video language: English

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Sabrina Dawn, Randy Spears
Scene 2. Paula Price, Randy Spears
Scene 3. Heather Lere, Sandy Sonnors
Scene 4. Paula Price, Eric Price
Scene 5. Heather Lere, Tom Byron

File size: 895.4 MB


Ash Hollywood and Kara Price Share Vagina Time

Cast: Ash Hollywood Kara Price
Genres: Oral, One On One, Masturbation, Lesbian, Small Tits, Brunette, Blonde, , ,

Ash Hollywood and Kara Price love vagina, but it's usually their own. Today they took a leap of faith together and started sharing their most intimate holes for hours of finger fun and an orgasmic afternoon of warm wet pussy kisses!

Format: mov
Duration: 25:47
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.3 GB


Solo Chick Helena

Release Year: 2012
Studio: teenpornopass
Cast: Helena

Age: 20
Occupation: student
Interests: masturbating and sucking dicks
What She Wants: I love hanging out with guys and show them what I can with their dicks.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 14:43
Video: 960x720, Windows Media Video V8
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 484.8 MB


Marriage Counselor, The (2010) 720p

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Wicked Pictures
Cast: Jayden Jaymes, Marie McCray, Kirsten Price, Shawna Lenee', Brandy Blair, Briana Blair, Tommy Gunn, Alex Sanders, Tony De Sergio, and Rocco Reed.
Genres: BDSM, Big Boobs, Blonde, Blowjobs, Brunette, Cumshots, Fetish, Group Sex, One-on-One, Oral, Redhead, Small Boobs, Straight Sex, Threesome, Blowjob, Blowjob-Double, Pussy Eating, Tit Fucking, Face, Mouth, Two Faces, Bondage, Blonde, Brunette, Piercing, Redh
Video language: English

Meet Helena (Kirsten Price) and Keith (Rocco Reed), a couple who have lost the once passionate spark in their love life. Realizing that they have to do something, they seek the help of a marriage counselor to rediscover their sexual chemistry. What they find is an often hilarious journey that leads them back on the path of sexual satisfaction. And in the end, a realization that love really does conquer all

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 1:29:53
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.8 GB


Kara Price, Nikki Daniels

In this erotic role play, Nikki Daniels wildest fantasy becomes her reality. She is secretly drugged by a stranger at a bar and brought back to his dungeon. She wakes up to a sex hungry gimp, Kara Price, and a night of strict bondage and domination. Hot BDSM sex with great chemistry including, anal sex, squirting, deep throat, hard bondage and more
File size: 447.7 MB


Kara Price - Life on Parole

The name of the actress: Kara Price
Name movie: Life on Parole
Year: 2011.
Genre: BDSM, Anal, DP, Gang Bang, Domination, Hardcore
Duration: 01/09/14

Description: Kara Price lands herself on parole for five years, and it is going to be a very long sentence! Her parole officer takes advantage of her status and comes in any hour of day and night, by himself or with his friends to use and abuse her helpless holes.

Video Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 29.97fps 856kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

File size: 502.4 MB


Cum On My Hairy Pussy 4

Release Year: 2007
Studio: Devil's Film
Cast: Chloe, Anastasia, Margo, Morgan Moon, Helena Bush
Genres: All Sex, Anal, Interracial, Hairy, Creampie
Video language: English

Look at that hairy beaver on Helena... Now that's a real fur burger to be proud of! Hey guys, do you like your chick's pussies covered by a thick carpet of natural pubes, hirsute honeys who've never seen a razor? Then you'll love this lusty lineup of hot, horny unshaved sluts who cum at the feel of fresh jizz pumping all over their thick muffs! And if you've heard that natural fur coats aren't available any more, don't worry, we've got plenty of them!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:14:32
Video: 576x320, XviD, 1228kbps
Audio: 159kbps

File size: 1.3 GB


helena sweet

Genres: big boobs, mature, anal, oral
Video language: English

Well very big bolt and even in such break ass to it it is close!

Format: avi
Duration: 40:15
Video: 576x320, XviD, 592kbps
Audio: 109kbps

File size: 214.9 MB


Kara Price, Nikki Daniels - Feeding the Gimp

The name of the actress: Kara Price, Nikki Daniels
Name movie: Feeding the Gimp
Year: 2011.
Genre: BDSM, Submission, Threesome, Domination, Hardcore
Length: 1:01:43
Description: In this erotic role play, Nikki Daniels' wildest fantasy becomes her reality. She is secretly drugged by a stranger at a bar and brought back to his dungeon. She wakes up to a sex hungry gimp, Kara Price, and a night of strict bondage and domination. Hot BDSM sex with great chemistry including, anal sex, squirting, deep throat, hard bondage and more

File size: 739.7 MB


Yasmine a lecole dinfirmieres (2008) HDRip

Release Year: 2008
Studio: Marc Dorcel
Cast: Yasmine, Eve Angel, Helena Sweet, Bambi, Valentina Blue, Jenny Baby
Genres: Vignettes
Video language: French

To get her diploma certificate, Yasmine has to make pratical work in an hospital. She quickly shows her devotion for her patient lavishing a fellatio on him. Soon, she is met up by a colleague: she gives herself to the two males for an intense double penetration. During a party, she confirms her volition of being a nurse giving herself to two of her colleagues: a man and a woman. All the hospital seems to be taken by a sexual frenzy. A nurse wakes up a colleague at night to be sodomized, an other impales herself front and back on a patient’s penis. And when the nurses do not find a man, they use huge dildos to reach orgasms. With nurses like Yasmine, Helena Sweet or Valentina Blue, we almost would like to be hospitalized in their section.

File size: 1.4 GB


Helena Price Hitchin Hillbilly

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