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Dudes Raw - J.R. Barebacks Holden Ketcher

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The Power of Three

Release Year: 2013
Studio: NextDoorBuddies
Cast: Damien B, Liam Magnuson & Tim Holden
Genres: Solo, Duet, Group Sex, Orgy; Fetish, Glory Hole, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Cumshots, Anal Sex, Condom, Kissing, Rimming, 69, Flip Flop, Massage, Fingering, Tea Ba
Video language: English

Are you ready for raw, oozing sexual energy to erupt in a hot mess all over your body? If you answered 'yes,' you're in for it! Liam Magnussen is hosting this insanely sexy three-way fuck party. The dynamic powerhouse, Tim Holden, and the dick-hungry cum lover, Damien, are joining him to let their inhibitions go.
When guys like this get together, there's no beating around the bush. Liam is getting right down to business by helping Tim remove Damien's clothes so they can both ravage his delicious body. Check out the insane physique on Liam as he plays the middle man in an intense blowjob train, where Damien is enjoying Liam's hard cock. Tim can't believe how fucking incredible Liam's lips feel around his pulsating dong. Then it's time for Damien to slurp Tim's thang, while Liam prepares Damien's sweet hole for an epic pounding. Liam and Tim are soon taking turns on Damien's tender pocket like wild, sex-starved savages. Can Tim fuck the cum out of Damien? Can Liam work up a warm load to spread all over Damien's chest while he gets railed by Tim? The answers to these questions and more are told in this powerful story of three insatiable, smoking hot dudes.

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:56
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1757kbps
Audio: 147kbps

File size: 559.2 MB


Alex Bach Barebacks Jayden Cook

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Cocksure Men
Video language: English

Alex Bach has fun with sexy Jayden Cook. They start by kissing and feeling each other. Once Jayden makes it down to Alex’s thick, uncut cock, he slobbers his long shaft. We see Alex’s muscles aren’t the only big thing about him. Alex returns the favor by choking on Jayden’s cock. With both guys rock hard and ready, Alex bends Jayden and eats his tight ass. With Jayden’s hole nice and wet, Alex slides his raw cock bareback into Jayden’s bubble but. He fucks him in missionary revealing Jayden’s amazing abs. He sucks Jayden’s uncut prick again, then fucks him raw once more. Jayden gets on all four and Alex barebacks his hole doggy-style. Alex turns Jayden around and barebacks him one more time. Jayden’s ass was tight, Alex pulls out and jerks his load on Jayden’s thigh. Alex Bach licks his balls and Jayden Cook shoots his huge load all over his abs. Both studs end up with a kiss.


Holden Drake

Holden Drake is one of those guys who walks past you on the street and you can’t help but stop and watch him walk by. And if you’re lucky enough to catch him walking by with his shirt off, you had better make sure your mouth is closed because it’s easy to let your jaw hit the ground. His body is amazing. Every muscle is perfectly sculpted, from his lightly hairy legs to his arms that are all bulging biceps and tantalizing triceps. And let me just tell you about this stomach of his. I wouldn’t drive a car over those abs unless it had a brand new pair of shocks. I wouldn’t even call it a six pack because that wouldn’t do it justice. You can see every line and every curve of every muscle that makes up his trunk and the effect is just stunning. I may even take up sculpting just so I can use him as inspiration. Oh, who am I kidding. I just want a reason to stare at him for hours on end. At least I have today’s update so not only can I admire his amazing body but I can share him with you guys as well. He’s such a cool guy, very creative. And I love that he’s into role playing games because it means there’s no end to the scenarios I can think up for him. I hope we’ll be seeing a lot of him to come. And speaking of coming, the poor guy almost put an eye out jerking off for my camera. And watching it drip down the intricate lines of his abs was a thing of beauty.

Format: asf
Duration: 13:56
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1976kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 205.9 MB


Charlie Harding Barebacks Mike Dozer

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Cocksure Men
Video language: English

Muscle hunks Charlie Harding and Mike Dozer make out in the locker room. They kiss and Mike licks Charlie’s pits and nipples. He pulls Charlie’s rock hard pole out of his shorts, stroking it playfully. The passion continues as Mike works his way down Charlie’s muscles, reaching his cock. Charlie pounds his prick down Mike’s throat making him gag several times. Mike bends over and Charlie preps his ass, eating it and tonguing it as Mike moans. Charlie thrusts his bare cock deep into Mike’s ass, then goes back to rimming his hole. They are both very verbal as Charlie barebacks Mike’s hole. Charlie is far from gentle. Charlie pulls out and Mike sucks his big cock again. Then it’s back to more bareback ass pounding. Mike flips on his back and Charlie rims him again before barebacking the wet hole. Charlie gets on his back and Mike goes for a raw ride. He bounces up and down, taking Mike’s raw prick bareback. With Charlie’s rod proding him Mike shoots his load onto Charlie’s thigh. Charlie rams Mike again doggy-style then shoots his load all over Mike Dozer’s bubble butt. Charlie barebacks Mike again, seeding him with his hot cum. Mike turns around and sucks the last drop out of Charlie Harding’s cock.


Brad Kalvo Barebacks Devan Bryant

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Cocksure Men
Video language: English

Muscle bear Brad Kalvo moans as ginger stud Devan Bryant blows his thick rod. Devan can’t get enough and deep throats the long pecker as Brad plays with his nips. Devan kisses Brad’s hairy pits and chest before climbing on top to ride. Devan sits on the thick, raw cock and slowly fills his ass. He moans as every inch pushes deeper inside. Devan hops off and sucks Brad’s cock clean before going for another joy ride. He turns to face us and writhes on Brad’s hard cock. He climbs off and turns Brad around so he can rim his ass. Devan batters Brad’s sweet hole with his tongue and Brad moans with each lick. Brad shoves his cock raw into Devan’s tight ass. He barebacks Devan hard and plows him deeper with each thrust. Devan lays on his back and the hot duo make out passionately. Brad slides his raw pipe back inside Devan’s stretched hole and fucks him. Devan yells as Brad barebacks his wet hole. Brad Kalvo pulls out and unloads a fat wad on Devan’s balls. He licks up the cum and gives Devan a wet kiss. Brad sucks Devan Bryant until he bursts in Brad’s mouth. The studs lay on top of each other and have a scruffy wet make out session.


Picking up dudes for raw

Release Year: 2012
Studio: BigDaddy
Video language: English

Then they were making out and having more butt sex. Dave tossed the dudes salad even more booty waxing. Until both came on each other and that was why Dave is such a lucky guy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:45
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2907kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 744.2 MB


The Bite

Production year: 1993
Genre: anal, oral, rimming, cumshots, muscules
Length: 1:09:10
Directed by: Chi Chi La Rue
Studio: Catalina Video
Starring: Derrick Corbin, Dillon Reid, John Rhode, Jon Vincent, Londun, Madison, Max Holden, Randall Maxxon, Rob Cryston, Sean Carrera, Steve Lipariti

Description: Catalina's take on the Dracula genre just serves to prove that every day is Halloween in Hollywood.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video: Xvid 640x480 30.00fps 1500 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128kbps
Size: 812 MB

File size: 812.3 MB


Isaac Hardy Barebacks Kip Johnson

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Cocksure Men
Video language: English

Isaac Hardy and Kip Johnson are watching some morning TV. Things heat up when they notice each other’s morning wood. The hot studs begin to kiss, and stroke their cocks. Isaac sits on Kip’s raw dick, filling his hole perfectly. He rides the stiff cock for some time, then hops off to suck on Isaac’s hard pecker. They turn things around so Isaac can eat Kip’s hot ass. Isaac barebacks Kip’s hole over the ottoman, thrusting his raw cock in his wet hole. Kip relaxes on the couch so Isaac can deep throat his dick. Isaac slides his meat back inside Kip and pile drives his ass bareback into the couch. Isaac Hardy releases a thick load on Kip’s balls before shoving his cock back and breeding his hole. Kip Johnson cums all over Isaac’s face. Great TV!


The After Party

Year of manufacture:2010
Genre: oral/anal sex, threeway
In roles:guys
Description:After a night of partying, one of my dorm-mates, Dayton decided to bang the hell out of this horny dude. They fucked right there on the floor while two other dudes were passed out on their beds. My buddy really plowed this guy’s ass hard and eventually all his wailing and crying woke up the others. They joined in the fun, fed both his mouth and ass with their big dicks. All three of these dudes plastered their loads all over this cum-hungry guy’s face. And he guzzled back every drop.

File size: 376.0 MB


Kyle Savage Barebacks Tyson James

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Cocksure Men
Video language: English

The hunky Kyle Savage is busy at his desk but is soon distracted by Tyson James’ rock hard cock. Kyle pulls his thick dick out so Tyson can suck it. Tyson deep throats his cock before getting bent over the desk by Kyle. Kyle slides his raw cock into Tyson’s warm wet hole. He barebacks Tyson deep, stretching his ass with every thrust. Tyson then sits on Kyle’s raw meat, sliding up and down on the desk. He teases Kyle with his hole, putting just the head in then taking it all the way down to the base. Tyson gets up and leans against the desk so Kyle can suck him. Kyle flips Tyson’s legs up and eats his thirsty hole before plunging his raw cock in his ass bareback.  Tyson James releases his load on Kyle’s face. Kyle Savage cums on Tyson’s ass and dives back in to breed his hole.


Tomm Black Bo Eaton - Policeman Fucks Boy With Baton

Studio: Breedmeraw

A policeman catches a boy jerking in the open. He stretches his hungry hole with a police baton and barebacks his sweet ass real nice. A beautiful view of a boys crotch fucked by his dys naked cock.
Bo Eaton went into the hills on a sunny afternoon thinking he could jerk his uncut boy cock and no one would hear. Little did he know Tomm Black was also out in the hills looking for boys like him to discipline. He no sooner got his cock out when Tomm comes out of nowhere and starts sucking his cock. Then he pulls out his thick man meat and makes Bo service it or suck the police baton. Tomm bends over this boy and readies his hole by sliding his police stick up that hole and getting it loose before he barebacks this bad boy. Les learned - youre not alone in the hills!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 19:49
Video: 720x406, Windows Media Video V7
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 379.0 MB


Tyce Tisdale & Van Allin

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Bareback, Oral, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Facial, Cumshots

Sometimes all it takes is a room; a couch; and two nasty kats to get shit poppin'! Tyce and Van are two regular dudes who happen to love gettin' in front of the cam and gettin' off... and we are lucky enough to have it on film. And even better, since both of these dudes gave us a taste of...

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:34
Video: 960x720, AVC (H.264), 1743kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 310.1 MB


BukBuddies - Ben and Joth - Merry SexMas

Ben and Joth just can't keep it in their pants. Even something as simple as decorating the Christmas tree turns out to be a quick excuse for a chance to fuck. So when Ben showed Joth his Christmas boxers and Joth just had to do the same for Ben, well, you got to know a dick show was just about to begin.

In no time the two dudes were sucking cock and loving it. Joth couldn't wait to finger Ben's ass so taking a break from swallowing Ben's massive man pole he gives that pretty pink man pussy of Ben's a little special tongue action.

Ops, almost forgot the stocking stuffers. With Christmas stockings hanging from these two horny dudes fat fuck sticks, Ben and Joth take a moment to pose for a special Christmas photo, one I'm sure you'll want to cum back to time after time. Yep, two hot dudes throwin a bone just for you.

Now all this decorating and cock play just made these sex hungry dudes want to fuck that much more so Joth aimed this 7 inch prick right a Ben's asshole and started plowing him like a porno star.

Ben's loving the steamy fuck action. His monster 8 inch erection is rock hard and his huge hairy ball sack is aching to unload a creamy cum load. Yep, that sticky goo is just some happy juice letting you know how much Ben is loving Joth's dick up his hole.

Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
File: wmv

File size: 176.1 MB


Idol Thoughts

Production year: 1993
Country: US
Genre: anal, oral, mastrubation, couple
Length: 1:21:27
Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Studio: Catalina
Starring: Ryan Idol, Tom Katt, Shawn Justin, Mitch Taylor, Chuck Hunter, Karl Thomas, Rob Cryston, Jon Vincent, and Max Holden

Description: Finally, a Catalina Classic Feature debuts on DVD at Popular Prices - purchase this DVD and send your vote for popular pricing to Catalina Video!
Ryan Idol Sucks Off Tom Katt!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Video codec: DivX
Video: DivX 5 352x288 29.97fps 781Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps
Size: 536 MB

File size: 536.4 MB


BaitBus - Dick On The BaitBus!

What the fuck is up people? Bait Bus is back with another awesome update. We here on the Bait Bus get what we want. Dudes talk like they don't get down like that. Guess what? Money talks, bullshit walks. Yea, Yea! They'll be pissed once the blind-fold comes off. A dude just gave you the best cock-sucking of your life. Fuck it! Numbers are thrown around and of course. The BaitBus gets what we want. Two dudes fucking. Can't get no better than this. Stay tuned for next weeks update of Bait Bus. Peace!

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:56:19
Video: 852x480, AVC (H.264), 1451 kbps
Audio: 93 kbps

File size: 640.7 MB


DickDorm com - Pool Boys

You guys have no what these dude are gonna do for money. Apparently they will do anything. After a couple of dudes set up a sick pool party in the dorm, they invite these other guys to be part of it, but they dont tell them that is only gonna be all guys and its gonna be on video, for money. After hearing all the details, and the amount of money they each are gonna get, they decide to go for it, and go for it they did. These dudes got fucked in every which way. It makes you think that they were doing it more for the pleasure than for the money. Im sure they were loving it, and so should you.

Duration : 02:03:36
Resolution : 1280x720
Video : xvid (xvid), 2 195 Kbps, 29.970 fps

File size: 1.9 GB


SC-1581 Charley & Pavel: Bareback

Release Year: 2013
Genres: Bareback, Oral, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Facial, Cumshots

Pavel barebacks Charley’s virgin ass. Charley couldn’t wait to get his ass cherry popped and creampied by hairy stud Pavel.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 30:10
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 10694kbps
Audio: 40kbps

File size: 2.3 GB


Bo Bangor Barebacks Santiago Rodriguez

Release Year: 2014
Studio: Cocksure Men
Video language: English

Bo Bangor and Santiago Rodriguez relax under the Florida sun. The sun gets them hot and they kiss while touching each other’s tanned bodies. Santiago pulls Bo’s jock strap just enough to suck his thick cock. Bo kisses him and plays with his meat. Bo stands over Santiago who swallows the beefy stud’s pole. Bo kisses Santiago’s mouth and then goes for his nipples. Soon after he pulls down Santiago’s briefs and swallows the stud’s cock. Santiago sits up and sucks Bo’s dick making him moan loudly. Santiago stands and puts a leg up on the lounge chair, revealing his crack. Bo rims his sweet, hairy hole then pushes his raw cock in, barebacking his hungry ass. After working up a sweat pounding him, Bo lays on the chair and Santiago spreads his ass, sitting on Bo’s raw cock. He turns around and rides Bo’s raw dick bareback facing the other way. Santiago lays on his back and Bo spits on his man hole. Bo barebacks Santiago hard, hammering his ass relentlessly. Bo Bangor pulls out and strokes his load onto Santiago’s cock. Bo finger’s him and Santiago Rodriguez shoots a thick load onto his abs. The hot couple kiss, smiling at each other under the Florida sun.


SausageParty - Big Gay House Party (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Striptease, Oral, Mask, Facials, Interracial, Big Cocks, Amateur
Duration: 00:25:19
Studio: SausageParty

Sausage Party makes a home delivery in this exciting update. NOt sure if it was someones birthday or just a house full oh horny slutty dudes, but the sausage party got called in and the sausage party dilevered...a bunch a hot horny dudes!

Format: MP4
Video: 852x480 29.97Fms 1899Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo

File size: 344.3 MB


Dudes Raw J.R. Barebacks Holden Ketcher

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